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02 April 2008 @ 08:57 pm

Bwahahaha. 100quills will have to wait :) Henceforth I shall be obsessed with writing for twilight20; Alice Cullen. I think I first fell in love with her when I found out she was in an  insane asylum... and after that it was, MUSTWRITEALICENOW KTHNXBAI. 

...maybe I should get this obsession checked?

But dude. She was in an insane asylum because she had premonitions. How much more FTW awesome can you get?? 

I also need to send my friend hugs and chocolate for letting me borrow all the Twilight books and also for letting me squee to her on the bus ^.^ 

ETA as of 8/24/08: 7 done!
Current Mood: creative