i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead

i lift my lids and all is born again;

within these mirrors,
the world inverts…
I am… a teenager living in the u.s. of a. never without my laptop or mp3 player. a non-girly girl. a writer by nature and a wannabe teacher.
I want…a lot out of life. autism awareness. to have children; to be happy.
I like…friendly people. a quiet place to write. rain. little kids. reading a good book. listening to standup comedians. reading through baby name books.
fandoms & ships. harry potter and twilight. ariana/gellert, albus/gellert, remus/tonks, rose/scorpius. alice/jasper, jacob/leah, rosalie/edward, alice/james.
friending. I won’t bite— tell me you know me from fanfiction.net, or that we’ve got similar interests or ships, and I’ll probably add you. Just drop me a comment on my F.O. post.
credits: profile